HuRTS 4x2km down Hickson

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rookie error yesterday post a humid lunch run - did not hydrate. Paid the price with a scratchy throat and an under-recovered set of legs (today).

Skipped a morning run and even then almost didnt turn up to the 2km intervals with HuRTS. Start at Park Hyatt, finish at Barangaroo Point.

Session turned into a progressive one, latching onto a few trusty pacers with 30s standing breaks.

#1 drafting behind Sonya at 3:50s warm-up
#2 worked with the Frenchman at 3:35s
#3 sat on FJen's heels at 3:17s
#4 all alone here, eased off at 3:25s.

8km in 28:26 at 3:33 min/km.

Must have bee hard work for Barts all alone up front. Did a short 3km warm-down around Opera House with Sammy before hanging up the shoes.

12km for the day.

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