Wet Wet Centennial

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A return of the Centennial routine with HuRTS. Sticky weather, on-off rain no deterrent to anyone aspiring to Blackmores, Melbourne or other 2H races.

Big win making the 6:30am start. My mood deflated seeing Enda, JFen, Jeet, Steve, Ali (new guy) and another intent on a brutal (for a Sunday) 4:30min/km. Come 7am, we were joined by Birchy and Anthony. Some big few months of racing/training must be getting to Timmy Lindop's head, who did a no show. With JFen pacing, pace did not abate on lap 2 and we had to let him go.

Kept strides with Enda and Steve and was happy to break ranks at 18km. This time, conversation topic was Chinese food, swimming and kids. Note - nothing about running.

Legs are not ready for long-runs at this pace. Added 12km back into the Domain, circling Farm Cove and finishing up at CQ. I let the pace to relax to 5 min/km. 

Lucky I was rescued by Lorie en route to brunch with friends. Did not have the legs to get me home. Initially planned 25-28km, but the mind often wanders and the legs follow. 

Around 32km dusted all before 9am.  

Dehydrated and hungry upon cooling down. Only solution was a Ploughman's Platter (for two) at Cornersmith in Marrickville. Running nutrition 101 - if you cover 30km, eat for two.   

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