Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Soaring temps again, which favoured a delineation from the status quo wharves recovery run. Joined 10 like-minded individuals from the Pillars out to Redleaf. Tym B can be credited with the idea. A slow 5km out to the pool which did not feel easy.

 Last week of school holiday saw a seriously overpopulated swimming area. Nevertheless, two laps done. Jogged back with Jeet, Wongy and Tym into the city. All of us were happy to walk the stairs.

15km for the day including a jog home. Joint pain in my knee, no doubt from Sunday + Tuesday. I'm not overly worried as this will disappear with a few easy days.

Tomorrow will be hotter... I'm thinking an easy 10-12km at lunch. Annual HuRTS Biathlon at ABC scheduled for 6:30pm. 500m swim, 5km run around Farm Cove. Decided I'll tag along but with the intention to do n easy swim then warm-down jog.

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