HuRTS 2x20min

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I normally LOVE the 2x20min but today really hurt, in a good way. HuRTS turnout continues to grow (may 30) with now good spread from 32 to say 42min 10k runners.

Upfront CT was absolutely smashing it, leaving Barts, JFen and I doggedly chasing. First half felt OK, helped by verbal and drafting assistance by my go-to training partner of late in JFen. Pace felt sub-3:30s and I was dreading the return journey uphill.

By the turnaround, three of us were 50m from the Hickson overpass where CT was all alone. Largely on my own back to Art Gallery. I maintained pace, picked off a few, gapped JFen and successfully held off Barts.

CT (clearly on something) came flying back around Farm Cove and I failed to respond. I'm always able to hold my own on the hills. Doing so today meant digging deep into the reserves. Battled a huge headwind and got back with a 12s positive split. Stoked that I finished the set (in one piece).

 11.6km in 40:12 at 3:27 min/km average pace. 3 min rest at 20min.

- 3:29, 3:30, 3:26, 3:38, 3:12, 3:27
- 3:20, 3:32, 3:27, 3:26, 3:35, 3:41 (600m)

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