Weekend Base

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Saturday - Centennial
Hamstring certainly tight from yesterday's effort. Jogged from Inner West to Centennial at recovery pace, circled the outer dirt track before extending the loop around Queen's Park. Doubt any km split was sub 5 min. Finished up at Moore Park Golf Course, where I had a pram demonstration booked in at 8:30.

16km in 1:30. Ave. pace too comfortable to admit. Primary purpose was to loosen the legs and work on the tan. Success.

Sunday - Balmain with Dog 
Forgot to re-hydrate yesterday and paid the price this morning. Dragged Molly out for a much over-due long run. Certainly felt sub-par myself as we tackled the hills around the Balmain foreshore. By the time we hit 16km, Molly was starting to lag; perhaps the lack of stops / water-breaks didn't help. Poor thing dropped the pace on a final loop around Anzac Bridge and Blackwattle Bay. In hindsight I should have been more forgiving.

23km in 2:05 at 5:35 min/km average pace.

Upon getting home, she hoovered up a bowl of water and will no longer move from the bed. Now I'm in trouble with the wife...

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  1. Hi Mike, I've considered trying a similar route to this one you ran around Balmain, but struggled to spot a definitely scenic route. Was worried I might just end up running through housing streets, limited views. You reckon it's a route worth trying? Just go the way you went?

    1. Hey mate, to be honest it's a terribly boring run with the same issues you flagged. The better course is to circle around Drummoyne, Five Dock Bay then Abbosford. More continuous and better views.

  2. Cheers Mike, I'll give Balmain a miss and check out this suggestion instead!