HuRTS 4x10 min with 2 min float

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Not sure what the half mara recovery convention is but I'd imagine a 4x10 min hit-out is not in the rule book. Freshness wise, no better than yesterday yet it was easy to justify the merit of an easy tempo in this state.

Legs protesting from get go at the Pillars. With regret I had to let Barts, JFen, Nick and Crossy go leaving me some 15-30m behind on #1. At 10 min, 50m shy of the OH gates (3:35-3:40s) where I added a 2 min float (60s out, 60s back). Tough #2 uphill working with Jono O'L then later Crossy and Barts who in turned dropped me post the Gallery. Bang on 22 min at the Pillars then 2 min float for the 2nd half.  

Out again #3, touch faster but once again pushing 3:30s was not easy. Ended up 20m behind Nick R after losing ground dodging P in the D runners. Finish point 10m past #1. Pondered calling it a day there but lucky I didn't #4 felt the momentum starting and neither Crossy nor Barts ran me down this time. 5s positive split but well ahead of a tiring main pack. Given the heat, wind and uphill it's a good outcome.

48 min tempo covering 13.2km at 3:38 min/km

Even splits, the 40 min 'on' was low 3:30s, whilst 8 min 'off' was 4:15s. Once again, feeling as I 'should' after 21km + 13km at 3:30s type pace 2 days apart. 

Post-run, I had to check up on JFen who uncharacteristically went MIA for #3 and #4.  'Sore back' I'm told. 

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