Ending 2015 with 6x1km alongside Rejoov

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Morning - I figure why wait till 2016 to reinvigorate the training. On the flip side, I'll never do speed alone so the best compromise was an early cycle down to CP to join Greta T and her Rejoov group at 6:10am. Lucky I have an alarm clock in Trinity. My first time with this squad (15-odd), more casual than HuRTS and mainly female.

GT set off two groups on the kids 500m bike track - 3/4 doing 500s, 1/4 doing 1km. I arrived late which meant this was an unplanned bricks set. Almost immediately, I realised the quads had zero juice mainly a hangover from yesterday's 35km of cycling (double commute plus added hills).

Suffered a fair bit today out front without the help of my usual companions. Some bloke (Johny?) kept sprinting 200m then fading 800m. Seems like a bit of a rookie training strategy.

#1 was difficult at 3:20 and my fatigue never dispersed. The key was to improve and hold pace and so that's what I did. Sub'ed the 1:50 odd rest for a 500m float as GT called out a 5:20 cycle time.

My guess of 1km splits: 3:20, 3:16, 3:10, 3:10, 3:10, 3:12.

The floats felt around 4:10 pace, thereabouts.

Short 1km warm-down making 10km all up. Left the park as HuRTS were commencing 800s. Struggled with a measly 5km trip back to CBD on my bike.

Many thanks to Greta and her team for the company!

Lunch - failed attempt to swim at ABC. Goggles in hand, pool pass in pocket but could not find a way into the Domain due to NYE celebrations. I was out anyway so went out to Rushcutters Headland and back for an easy 10km. 20km for the day.

Solid way to end 2015. It's been a great year and the next post will be a recap.

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