Cooks River with Molly

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Full intention to pace Timmy to a 18 min 5k at St Peters Parkrun but walking out, Molly gave me 'that' look to which I could not say no. Strapped her on a leash and off we went.

She asked for a run and a run she got. Slow pace, maybe 5:45s with some niggles persisting in each feet not to mention 90% humidity. Really horrible conditions to run. Hit the Cooks River down near Hurlstone Park, meandered down the river to Sydenham station the cut back up via Marrickville. Even threw a few sets of push-ups to get the hands dirty.

Disappointing to see Molly struggling with the 5:30s after 15km. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt given the conditions.

20km in 1:52 at 5:33 min/km. Meanwhile, turns out Timmy blew up in the Parkrun with an 18:30. Maybe it's a good thing I was not there to bear witness.

Good amount of Ks and I'm hoping I'll be right for tomorrow's LR,

Main highlight was yet to come with a spectacular home-cooked brunch at the Everett's then a well spent day at the SCG with Charlie watching the Aussies battle the Indians.

Snuck into the commentary box, embarrassed myself taking photos with these legends of the game and my childhood heroes. Mark "Tubby" Taylor...

Ian Healy ...

Neither took me up on my offer to takeover the commentary.

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