Centennial en route to Brunch

Sunday, August 30, 2015

An all-male turnout for Centennial loops in fabulous Spring weather. With the likes of Jerome, Timmy, Enda, Eoin, Jeet, Wiseman and Glen all finding late season form, the 4:30s pace was going to be tough.

First 10km had me venture solo across Newtown at 5:30s to make the 7am start. The pace lifted and the extra 2-3kg from a huge feed last night did me no favours. 

Bypassed the time by offloading deep-seated frustrations with no links to this blog from Timmy's own blog. Like a bad relationship, it's been a one-way.  Then I extracted some good cafe options in Surry Hills from Glen. 

Kept strides with the crew for 15km before Eoin and I kicked on solo. With no motivation to maintain pace, I eased back post exiting the Park. Finished up at Waterloo for a 9am brunch date with Lorie. Fancy Middle-East offers washed down with a chai tea were excellent remedies to a grumbling stomach. 

35km all up in 2:50  at 4:50 min/km average pace. 

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