ABC Easy

Friday, January 22, 2016

Now a well-versed routine in an easy few laps at ABC during lunch. Fairly empty lanes today despite the obvious pleasure of a dip in such humid air. 400m solo, then Yum Cha Wong invaded my personal space after complaining the HuRTS crew were too quick over in the fast lane. Enjoyed the drafting assistance for 500m. YCW leaves by which time RG from work had warmed up. Piggy backed onto his feet for 400m, then 200m I led, then the reverse for 200m.

Call it complacent but it's like cycling. Much more enjoyable sitting in the slipstream.

1.7km all up in 32 min. Felt as if I was 55-60s/lap.

Many of the team were also present, some in squad mode (Crossy, BK, Gus, Champ) and others hermit-style. Good to see Renee and Sammy floating around.

Once again due to the weather, bike remains at work. Miserable trudge to work, then splashing through puddles home adding 13km at 5:30s via Blackwattle Bay return. Nasty blister on my right toe. Must be one of my shoes. I have 5 varieties so need to work out which one is the culprit. 

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