Rushcutters 6x1km

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I'm slowly try to reintegrate double speed. Yet within 5s of waking, I knew my legs were not ready for the Rushcutters intervals at lunch. Tuesday 2x20min left me flat, a feeling that a 6km jog to work did not erase.

Nonetheless, I've successfully convinced Matt from work to join HuRTS and could not back down. Session was 6x1km off 5 min cycles. In such circumstances it's always better to start easy, finish strong. First 2 reps near the back, sitting near Pete Walker and Champ. Next 2 reps moving up to JFen and Timmy. Final 2 reps closer to red zone, where I was near the lead.   

Stand-out training efforts from CT (upfront alone) and Timmy (punching above his weight not far behind JFen etc). 

Ran barefoot, entirely by feel. By #6, I was hurting, the quads felt flat the whole set and happy to call it a day. Watch skips by this is how it 'felt'. 

0-2km - 3:40s - warm the legs
3-4km - 3:20s - test 10km pace
5-6km - sub 3:10 - hit lactic

3km warm-up, 3km warm-down to make 12km all up. Matt had a great time, perhaps helped by having Sonya to draft off. 

18km for the day. I'm sore. 

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