HuRTS Sunday Centennial

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Possibly a 3 month low in Sunday pre-run freshness but of course, I love the LR routine. Another Inner West resident to join the the SOTB team for laps of Centennial. First time for Tym B, which meant my 10km traverse starting 6am was not solo. Starting 5:00s, I hoped the tired legs would loosen but by 5km through Pyrmont, hope was out and resignation was in.

Made the 7am at the CP Kiosk where the HuRTS team of a dozen swung by. A little leaderless in the absence of JFen and Timmy but at least CT and Enda were happy to step in with pacing duties. 4:30s to start and this was only heading one way. 

Flat 10km loop today up and around Moore Park and I was dropped 3 times chatting to the stragglers. In truth, cruise pace was 4:45s and any faster was hard work. Hung in there for lap 1 (20k on the watch), then decided to write off any chance of a pick-up. 

An inner white fence loop with Tym back at 4:40s whilst a few surged ahead. Still 5km short, joined Champ for an ad-hoc circuit to Queens Park. Coming back into CP, I was still short 2km so I ran the dirt track perimeter solo back to Woollahara Gates to complete the run. Good terrain change. 

32km in 2:35 at 4:52s

Effort wise struggle street but pace wise 1/3 easy, 1/3 not easy, 1/3 easy. Cool, crisp weather helped. 

Big win just banking Ks today on legs that need R&R. Need a day or two to resolve the following: underfoot niggles, tight right hammy, blisters. This week 135km which is OK after a half.  

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