Junk Friday

Friday, September 25, 2015

Junk junk and more junk. Continuing the pile on the kms, legs permitting but not really deliberately. The commute is an easy way for base building.

AM: 9km through USYD grounds in pissing down rain. I was simply too afraid to catch public transport. Legs felt as flat as yesterday. In my desperation for a feed, I backed it up with a healthy feed at Cross Eatery on Clarence with Conway and Charlie (new to premium breakfast offers). 

You can't beat ham off-the-bone and soy chai tea. Charlie was adamant his $18 baked eggs with labneh was sufficient and full-bodied in flavour. 

PM: Conway still commands a huge following on his email blasts. Good 10-strong turnout willing to battle Mother Nature alongside us. Amongst the friendlies were Asian Dave, Lambert, Hamish, Steve P. Pace felt hard, but by the end I felt remarkably good! Must have been the ham. 

Happy days adding another 13km in 65 min.

22km for the day. It's all slow and right now, the freshness in my legs are often see-saw. I'm up to 100km for 5 days so it will be a swim tomorrow, rain permitting. Sunday probably a training run the SMC half marathon. 

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