20k with Molly

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Battled a strangely lethargic over the whole 20km covered with Molly. In fact, she was dragging me along. Could be successive (four) weeks of heavy mileage and very broken sleep this week?

Endless water views of from Iron Cove, Drummoyne Park and the Bay Run in a giant CCW direction kept me sane. Apathetic legs to say the least.

Stopped at the oval past Le Montage for some final 10x100m strides. A last ditched effort to breath some life into the morning session. Worked quite well as I moved to 90% efforts. Dragging myself up the hill past Leichardt Oval, I felt I weighted 100kg.

20km in 1:46 and 5:20 min/km average pace. Close to a PB for Molly?

Headed down to Bondi shortly thereafter, seeing Conway, Sammy J before burying the face into some brilliant food at Lox, Stock & Barrel.

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