Cremorne Point

Friday, September 18, 2015

Almost considered a Milson's Point swim but the sunshine was too alluring. Joined Charlie's warriors crew for a standard run out to Cremorne Point.

I felt lethargic before and after the run. The hills failed to wake me up but at the very least, views were incredible.

12km in 65 min. 

Took this nice little photo along Blackwattle Bay on a run. Magic.

This weekend, more easy stuff. See if I can follow this plan:

- Tomorrow, 10-15k easy or a 1.5k swim
- Sunday, slow plod, maybe 20k around Centennial

Will stay well away from the buzz of Blackmores.

Good luck to everyone racing. Hoping to see half PB attempts from Wooey, Matt, Renee, Sammy J, Lambert. In the full, expect to see Eoin and Steve Ellis sub 2:50.

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