Double Solo

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

AM: left the bike at work so broke my initial aspirations of single-runs only this week. 7km along Blackwattle Bay, dodging dogs and walkers alike.

PM: late morning meeting ran over. Annoyed to miss the usual Wed 'recovery' which starts at 12:20pm. Thus it was lonely days to Farm Cove. Then lo and behold, out pops Timmy, Tom and new guy Andis in the final 2kms of their run.

Got the update on Tom's dodgy hammy (still not good) and equally listened with great skepticism to the merits of Manly's #2 breakfast, Emporio. Broke off again back around Opera House and out to Hickson solo.

Boredom of 5:30s got to me after 6km. Added 10x200m strides along the way. Very ad-hoc. Still feeling sub-par, so these strides the best I can manage.

13km all up in 64 min. 

A few more easy days. Then I should be right.

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