Rushcutters 8x1km

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Yep, still struggling with the throat and energy levels. Also the Rushcutters session was moved to the adjacent footy field as the oval was out of bounds. A quick 400m circuit was marked out with a shoe and a bag (no Timmy = no cones).

Session is 8x800m off 5 min cycles. Upfront was Barts, Quentin and CT with another five odd on group 1. Decided to run my own alternate 8x1km intervals at a lower intensity; half mara pace. Worked to the same cycle, allowing a 200m float in between.

Seems the legs (and mind) simply couldn't handle any red-zone stress.

Worked progressively from 3:50s to 3:20s. Tough work and amazed myself with the mental stamina not to give up. Drafting off Eoin helped, as did verbal abuse from Charlie.

8km in 28ish min (ex the floats). Ave pace looks crap but at least last 3 reps were half mara pace. '

16km all up with the jog from the office.

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