Easy Fartlek

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Usually a lunch run is as important as lunch itself. However a work meeting meant not HuRTS speed for me. Substituted with a longish 15km run via USyd, Price Alfred Park then around the Domain / Farm Cove.

Wanted to get some turnover in the legs and in my usual self-coached style, put in 100m surges on 60m cycles. Ended up with around 45 surges and certainly felt I achieved this. Street observers must have thought I was 'on' something. Call it a half fartlek, half recovery/surges type work-out.

15km all up in 70 min. Felt buggered by surge #30 and but was lucky to be distracted by the morning sun.

Closed out the day by jogging 6km home, very slow.

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