Lox, Stock & Barrel, Bondi Beach (12 September 2015) - Revisit II

Friday, September 18, 2015

Lox, Stock & Barrel just lost a Good Food Hat and with that, credibility in the cancerous mouths of SMH's dwindling subscriber base.

On the plus side, I'm awarding this beach-side wholefoods institution a Blogger Sock and reconfirm must-try status. 9/10. 

War-mongering cafe copycats will continue to bleed wallet share to LS&B's clean, crisp flavours that still motivates diners away from boring staples. Some nearby organic markets is prime hunting ground scavenging kitchen staff.

The one line sell - Norway's finest trout, happy chicken eggs, the finest sub-$20 salads ex-Melbourne and sandwiches straight from downtown Manhattan... All in a cosy interior decorated with picked jars, then attached to a VIP back-courtyard with questionable restroom infrastructure. 

Free parking is a rarity and now with two gold coins the opportunities are endless. Soy flat white (OK tasting) puts an end to that.

Waitress, now very familiar to us, is yet to crack a smile in my last six visits. Then I consider ... would I be happy watching others eat 14 hours a day?   

Brunch 'go-to' options are (i) Bowlarama to clear the arteries, or (ii) Zucchini Omelette to cure egg-addiction. 

Bowlarama is best identified by pickled veggies and sprouted quinoa bread. Lucky I have an active Instagram account, wear skinny jeans and pedal a vintage set of wheels around town.

Verdict? High plate coverage fetches 9/10. Satisfying, healthy, tasty. $18 is decent value.

Don't get distracted by the unusual bagel pairing. This omelette is 
pedestal worthy.  

NY streets is now short one onion bagel. I diagnose the bread-to-egg ratio as one of bagel dwarfism.

Unusually large, extraordinarily fluffy and buttery. Radish garnish is similar to Autumn leaves in a courtyard. Get rid of it. The fork resembles a rake for good reason... $17 for an 8/10 'staple'.

Sugar hit to finish, helped by a crispy, sugar-dusted top.

Muffins should be fist-sized or larger. This is not. You're better off licking the Bourke Street Bakery window.

Midday menu is a long long wait and why would anyone order a salad as a main?   

LS&B dishes my prejudice a 101 in fabulously tasty protein(s), wide-ranging textures and crisp flavours. I'm remorseful to use this phrase, but the balance in each of four salads is perfect.

Smoked trout with brown rice, flaked almonds perched above every conceivable green. Lemon & buttermilk adds the acidity. $18 well spent but the need for a poached egg ($2.50) conflicts with a $20 mandate.

Pumpkin, kale, quinoa, red cabbage, cucumber, carrot & spinach dressed in sesame and miso. Another $18 gone. 

Then I add a beautifully moist poached chicken ($5). Like an out-of-control wife project managing a major home renovation - budget is blown. Pumpkin is a widow without the breast.

LS&B is well worth infuriating Bondi traffic and distasteful hipster crowds. Must try status maintained.

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