Monday, September 21, 2015

AM: A change in shoes (or 4) from Sunday has done the trick. Remarkable how the sole elasticity 'gives' after 500km; for me this means niggles, more niggles then injury.

Cracking weather drew a modest crowd at lunch. Joining the squad was The Frenchman, Wongy, Craig, Andy and a few others. Pace quickly moved to 4:30s and with an easy last week, I was happy to oblige. Usual turnaround at the wharves, where I returned to Farm Cove before tapping out.

13.5km in 65 min.

PM: renewed energy saw me add 6km jogging home.

19km for the day. Feeling much better than last week. May even attempt some speed tomorrow.

Purchased from Paul's Warehouse - 2 x Mizuno Hitogami's, Mizuno Evo Levitas, New Balance Trail 10v2s.

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