Recovering Well

Monday, January 18, 2016

Yesterday's was less  'can I run 21km at 3:30s' and more 'how quickly can I recover from a half at the end of a 130km week'. Great news, I feel fine. Some juice lost in the quads but niggle free and high energy. 

Proof is in the pudding and the pudding involved a pretty relaxed 13km with the Monday Squad. Kept strides at 4:30s with the likes of Frenchman, Tommy H, Craig, Lambert and JO'C per the usual Barangaroo and return course. Used the 60 min to empty Tom's knowledge bank in setting my run goals for 2016 and beyond. A few takeaways:

- injury-free plus enjoyment > racing and PBs
- don't be peer pressured into 3 speed/week. 1 is fine. 
- my speed sucks and I need to do 400s

Cut the run short at Farm Cove to complete 13km and felt I could have continued without repercussions. 

With the one-way commute (rode in, left bike at office), 19km for the day. 

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  1. Great 6ft track PB mate. You snuck that 25min record in there somewhere. Just gotta let the organisers know now!

    1. Good pick-up mate. Although to be fair I was mentally finished at 2:51 and the last 60 min just a blur dragging the corpse through the woods and down the gravel into Katoomba...