Xmas - Half out in the Hills

Friday, December 25, 2015

Way too much Xmas food - I've forgotten the feeling of hunger. The culprit is a sequence of feasting sponsored by a proliferating family tree (kids, marriages left right and centre).

Visited the In-Laws meant I was out West in the AM. Struggled to back up from 2am present opening but remained committed to exploring the cultural wasteland better known as The Hills.

Snuck out at 7am, headed down a sleepy Windsor Road towards Baulkham Hills. The stomach felt as heavy as the legs, thus I was on the wrong side of 5 min/km pace.

Nonetheless, enjoyed the flat roads as I cut East towards Castle Towers then back through highly monotonous suburbia that I still think is Kellyville. Some unwelcome hills on Showground Road helped lifted the HR in what was an otherwise relaxed jog.

Didn't look at the watch but coincidentally, run turned into a tidy 21km in 1:41. Touch under 5 min pace is decent and this sort of run should leave me more fresh tomorrow...

Had to discard the run clothes and scrub up for the family photo shortly thereafter. The theme is pink, not my style but I'm a team player.

Photographing with the wife's side of the family - I am tall, very tall. The Kobe Bryant of Philippines?

T absolutely cleaned up on the present side. How many bloody dresses does one girl need??

Any my loot? Well, the non-existing picture below says it all.

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