Cooks River with Push-Ups

Monday, December 28, 2015

Being wedged between a LR and Speedwork, Monday is best reserved as an easy day. Ventured down South and in the interests of (in)sanity, added push-ups every km and with that, started scouting chicken shops in Petersham. Trusted sources tell me outside of Portugal itself, it's the place to go for Portuguese chicken. Sadly, I passed six and none were open (6:30am on a Public Holiday). 

10 push-ups every 1km saw the gradual onset of shoulder fatigue. Hence, the slow pace reflected bad non-cardio fitness rather than my sub-par running form.  

Course took me to Cooks River where I tracked to Tempo on the south side, turned and back-tracked on the north side back via Marrickville. The famous Banh Mi store was pumping those pork rolls out at 7am. Now that's worth ethic for you. Back in the door with muddy hands (push-ups), wet clothes (rain) and fresh legs (5 min/km pace). 

17km all up in 87 min. A little bit of walking in there. 

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