Centennial LR and B&E Roll

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Can never say NO to a social long-run with the team in Centennial. However, my run yesterday meant a tall ask for the legs to back up for 2.

On my warm-up to the Kiosk (7am start), I glimpsed the 6:30am group shooting south past the Moore Park Golf Course. Tagged on here for 2km before the 'start'. Well, I think the crew is getting a calorie head start ahead of Xmas as the attendance was sky high.

Some regulars (Timmy, JFen, Craig, CT, Greta, Gleeso), others returning (Jeet, Renaud, Enda, LJ) and finally newish recruits (Lambert, Champ).

Pace picked up at instantly. I was happy to oblige but with JFen smashing 4:20s, we doggedly hung on. First 10km loop at this pace really thinned the team out.

Partly to blame was the temps, then later the Woollahra Gate Climb. Shown below, motivation was a big issue for Lambert, Renaud, Enda, shirtless Timmy and JFen (head under a tap).

And again.... this is 6km into the 10km loop! 

After a solo hill surge testing the legs, I added 2 fence laps (8km), the later with just Champ as a cool-down. Happy waving the white flag after 2 hours. By that stage, hydration was an issue.

26km in 2:00 at 4:35 min/km. The back to back long runs works well, but I doubt this will be a regular in my calendar. 

No Sunday LR is complete without a Kepos Street Kitchen calorie replacement program. 

Left to right: Lissy (Champ's lovely +1), Timmy, Lorie (my lovely +1), Trinity (hidden), Jeet and Champ were happy to participate. 

I prescribed the table a serious dosage of B&E, tucked inside a Brioche Bun. 

Every crumb was inhaled then the boards licked for the chilli sauce. 

Fail order goes to the Brownie Ice-cream Sandwich. It's a hard macaroon cut in half, with a blob of ice-cream wedged inside. Chew-factor terrible, serving size appalling.

In Champ's words ... 'I'm OK with the flavour, not OK with the portion size'

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