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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Friday: ABC

Off work from lunch so I had to change up the routine. Ducked out at 5:45am. 8km run to ABC from home and 1.5km in the pool. Pretty crowded with some random squads hogging 60% of the lanes.

Nevertheless, zero regrets because today was a real stinker. 2 days consecutive at the pool.

29 min flat for 1.5km. Nothing to get excited about.

Saturday: Bay Run

Early one as we're heading up North for a few days. Met Tym Blackwell and local running store owner J Fletcher at 6am, King George Park. First time running with Fletch, and he was initially scared I'm the type to only run sub 4s. Clearly I had to hose down this misconception.

Turned into a nice 7km Bay Run at 5 min/km pace. We then repeated the 5km Balmain Fun Run course through the Hospital Grounds.

As an aside, it sounds like a Parkrun near the Bay Run on the Rozelle side is going to happen, thanks to Fletch and some council lobbying.

Finished the fun off circling back to Iron Cove bridge then up to Balmain Road.

15km all up in 70 min. 

Looking forward to the weekend away.

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