She is Back

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Monday - Lorie's Return

The dear wife, a very casual runner by background with a 55 min 10k PB, has been off for 10 months. Unconfirmed, but I suspect child birth has a minor part to play.

After Sunday's mingling with HuRTS at Tommy H's BBQ, Lorie decides to strap on the old New Balance marking her return to the running scene. A well planned dump of the baby with the folks and off we went around Artarmon Oval.

L set off at a lightning 6 min/km and I had to quell the enthusiasm.

Emotional see-saw - ill temper on the uphills, then happy days on the descent.

Back just shy of 4km and the forced smile suggests some level of enjoyment...

3.9km in 29 min at 7:25 min/km.

Pacing splits 6:54, 7:35, 7:23, 7:47. Good upside from here in my opinion.

Tuesday - Redleaf

Right achilles sore again but I'm not too fussed.

45 min fartlek was on the cards but I could have missed the cancellation memo.... completely deserted Stone Pillars when RWoo and I turned up. I figured its a case of squad cannibalisation due to Timmy’s alternate 7:30am 1.6km repeats at CP..

No matter – Redleaf it is and I had to show RW this route. Forgot to warn him of the hills and the result was a confession after Loftus Ave that he now knows to write-off his legs after any run with me. I know what I'm doing here and I think RW will do great things in 2016

6km to Redleaf then some hesitation mixing it up with billions of jellyfish. Not sure if these are the stinging-type, but the nearby kids weren’t crying. Good enough for me! One perimeter lap done.

Meanwhile, RW overcame his fear of jellyfish only to fight a losing battle against stairs on the 5km return. I became highly suspicious of his multiple stops (say 4) to retie the shoelace. Oldest trick in the book.

12km in 70 min with 5 min swimming. Until I recover from some heavy base, I’ll need to tread with caution next few days. 

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