HuRTS 4x10 min

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Well I looked at the 4x10 min lunch set and figured, how bad can it be? After all, I'm 3 weeks without speed. Come 12:30pm, Timmy was kind enough to set 30 of us off. I sub'ed the 2 min rest for a fast float, hence 48 min tempo for me.

Set out 'easy' in a chasing group behind the leaders (CT, Barts, Nick). #1 saw me working with Fats and Lambert at what felt like 3:35s. Not nice on tired legs. Turnaround point at 11 min was under the OH at 3km.

#2 has the dreaded triple team of hills (Mrs Mac Chair, ABC then Art Gallery). Starting feeling OK and surged the hills, making big gains vs the pack particularly at ABC Pool.

Out again on #3 and by now I had warmed up. Trailed Barts by 15m the whole way and perversely, Greg was latching onto me around Farm Cove like a newborn. I could smell him the whole way. This time, 50m beyond #1.

Close to tapping out on #4, but started with Barts/CT/Nick and did not want the embarrassment of being passed. Suffice to say, it was an emotional 12 min. Dug quite deep on the hills and impressed myself with sub 3:20s on the flats. Passed Champ at Art Gallery and to my surprise he hitched a ride to the end. Aside from Champ, the 'respectable' finishers (inside 40 min) were far and few between.

12 min segment distances: 3.2km, 3.3km, 3.4km, 3.4km.

13.4km in 48 min at 3:34 min/km average pace. 

The session rendered me pretty tired. So much so I confused the laundry basket with a crib.

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