London Marathon 2016 - it's On

Friday, December 18, 2015

Like a scavenger I scrapped together some decent mileage on a day which would ordinarily involve an ABC swim with the crew. Much disappointment missing out on a chance to better my 18:30s odd 1km PB. Anyway, the quads feel good but some funny niggles in my shin and left foot.

AM - involved 8km recovery down the main street of Newtown (from home).

Lunch - work kind enough to offer a lunch at the Amora Hotel but how can I trust myself in a 60 min window with a buffet lunch on offer? Avoided this trap by ducking out with Matt for a cheeky 6km around the Barangaroo and Wharves. Beautiful weather, and we even picked up a shirtless JFen as he closed out his run. This allowed 10 min with the buffet which was sufficient to refill the tank.

PM - yes the hat-trick. 5km jog home by which time my legs finally succumbed to fatigue.

I'm thinking a swim tomorrow, then an easy run Sunday (no racing).

Other good news to share - I'll be racing London Marathon in 2016. Got through on a Championship Entry thanks to Tom Higham. Apparently, I'm a UK resident living in his dad's house ...

At this stage I'm joined by #1 and #2 of HuRTS (Barts, Tom),  good mate Rob Cavan and I'm hoping Timmy L. Three of us may shoot for the magic 2:30.

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