Swim Set then Beach Run

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Friday - ABC

6km recovery run to work, then at lunch back in the pool with HuRTS per the new Friday ritual. PW sent out some swim set email involving [insert something hard]. No interest.

Decent turnout with Timmy, Charlie L and even Sonya out early. Think I even saw Champ, Gus, Crossy later on. My swim involved 1km easy (19:10) then 500m hard. Sadly the hard effort did not yield any time improvement. Clearly my technique is a fail.

Another 300m easy, then Timmy jumped in my slow lane and paced me to a 1:45 100m. Felt hard but I hung onto his feet with glee. 100m cool-down to make 2km in the pool.

Cool-down jog around Farm Cove added 3km running. Saw Lambert and Erika at Farm Cove.

Saturday - Coogee to Bondi

Expected to feel rubbish after a work Xmas party (few drinks) then a 6 hour sleep window only 50% utilised. Thanks Trinity.

Strangely, I felt OK. Told Lorie 'meet me 9am at Bondi' and set out into the wild with over 2 hours to spare. Cautious of over-exertion with mild soreness in the leg (way better than start of week).

Started by heading to Syd Park with Parkrun in mind but got bored as I was too early.

 Next up, headed to UNSW, my old stomping ground. Finally, followed the sun to the beach where I spent a good 60 min heading northwards along the coast.

Initiall frustrated by the uneven terrain and shirtless locals, I actually started to enjoy the stop-start routine. I also now know it takes awhile to get from Coogee to Bondi.

After battling the rising temps, stumbled into Bondi more tanned than before, dehydrated and pretty hungry. Thus the breakfast at Lox, Stock & Barrel.

30km in 2:35 at 5:12 min/km ave. pace. I'll admit a few walking breaks...

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