Monday, December 21, 2015

The key to recovery is sleep and come 3am (after a 30km LR), I had banked zero thanks to the sticky temps.Well, after dressing two bags of frozen peas (home brand) in a tea towel and then spooning it in bed I can boast 3 hours sleep. Makeshift cold water battle - wife may be jealous of the affection I showed some frozen veggies, but at least my legs feel better.

Redleaf is the Xmas default and today's train included MC, Charlie, Champ, Tommy and Nathan. Took the short route with Champ up Loftus and used the extra time wisely in the water itself.

Pockets of coldness made the 15 min of swimming (3 perimeter laps) a bit of a wake up. Great for the muscles. The jog back with Champ, Charlie and Tom was no jog. Charlie was bouncing along in his new clown shoes (aka Hokas) and kept punishing the stairs. Did my best to hang on in the humidity.

12km all up with 15 min swimming (say 750m). Pretty light on today. 

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