Xmas Eve - Rushcutters 5x1km

Thursday, December 24, 2015

AM: an easy 8km into the city detouring through the grounds of USYD and later, Chinatown.

PM: Tough call choosing between early AM 8x800s with JFen, 1km reps with HuRTS or a Redleaf Santa run with Smolly and his cohort.

More a roll of the dice saw me prancing on the soft grass of Rushcutters at 12:45pm. Tom and Barts had already completed the set, leaving a tighter band of a dozen. Poor Heyden attempt to bring Xmas spirit to the session turned south when Timmy took note of the bright red attire and reindeer ears.

For me, a very low effort, low motivation type session. I've got lingering (bad) niggles in both feet.
Took the shoes off and eased into 5 of the 6 reps. Progressively worked my way from back to front:  

- #1-2 at 3:35s making conversation with Birchy at the back
- #3-4 at 3:20s in group two with Jerome, Timmy, Eoin and Heyden
- #5 at 3:05 tucking behind Scott up front.

Being a half day at work, I did duck off before #6 with A-MB to clock up 11km. Unfortunately, I was an omission in the group shot below.

Another 20km for the day. Will use the next two days to build easy miles and just consolidate some good weeks of training.

This set caps off a great close to 2015. I take my hat off to the entire team for all the efforts in training, racing and eating. No doubt, 2016 will be even better.

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