Naked Dog Paddle at AbC

Friday, January 08, 2016

First swim in 3 weeks and what a disaster. First left the watch at my desk, then after a solo 3km jog to ABC my goggles snapped as I readied for an easy swim. $4.50 (or so) sunk cost in the pool entry so I had to proceed with (i) no watch, and (ii) no goggles.

Struggled with poor fitness and zero visibility through squinting eyes. Yum Cha Wong stepped in at 400m providing another 500m drafting assistance. The extra bubbles in my eyes made the experience worse. Solo for the last 500m where it was clear my form was closer to a drowning dog in a pond.

1.5km of drowning with a serious lack of tech (no watch, no goggles). Old school.

Nice to be in the water again. Interacted little with the HuRTS crew but did see Champ, Charlie L, Eoin and a few others soaking in the sunshine. Cool-down was a relaxed 3km around Farm Cove with Yum Cha.

Run-wise, a very easy double commute totaling 14km. No damage done and legs feel fine.

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