Bay Run with 8x400s and B&E Preview

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Starting 2016 the right way! Easy 10km Bay Run CW before meeting JFen (planned) and Neil (unplanned) at King Georges Oval. Crossed paths with the Run Crew several times.

Now JFen is a training demon and does not know an easy day - yes I was a little scared. Three of us kicked-off at 4:40s on an extended 9km Bay Run then finished up at KGO again. NP dropped off (having banked 25km) leaving me at JFen's mercy. Next up, 10x400m intervals.  

Did my best to participate without compromising my legs. Held in there on 70s laps (say 3 min/km) till #8, then decided to quit while ahead. This is 'bonus' speed and certainly any further I'd be a write off for tomorrow. Proud to knock out endurance + speed in one 2 hr session.

400m splits all 68-70s and 28km all up in 2:05. 

JFen was steady as a rock for all 10. No doubt, he's set for a massive 2016 and I'll be lucky to match him at short stuff.

Naturally the real carrot was a promised B&E episode. 1.5km warm-down to meet the broader Fenton and Ho clans at the new Harris Farm in Drummoyne was the highlight. Very funky gourmet grocer with in-house fromagerie (aka cheese house), bakery, fish monger and pizza bar.

$7.50 get's you a B&E 'grande' from the bakery.

This bad boy has hot mustard, a genius addition inspiring memories of a hot dog. Possibly the best sub $10 investment in happiness found in the Inner West. Separate review to come...

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