Centennial LR

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Scheduled a 9am brunch with Lorie at Pinbone, which sits on the North side of Centennial Park at the Paddington gates.

A slow start from home at 6:15am down to CP, via Redfern for a 7am kick-off at the kiosk.

Funny how the rest of the HuRTS has very specific sessions planned in the gear-up to Gold Coast. Birchy 34km, Sonya similar, JFen a 21km tempo at 4:10s, Laura and Jeet both mid 20s type run.

My plan? Run in circles until 9am, leaving me desperately hungry for a stand-out brunch. Felt quite sore from a massage yesterday, so racing off the cards. 10km to CP at 4:45s, then a similar pace with 5 of us on the usual circuit. 

Re-entering for lap 2, I broke off as JFen came around for a tempo lap at 4 min/km. Kept this for 4km, JFen broke off and I was largely solo for the rest. Pace eased a little to 4:15-4:25 range, until the clock hit 9am. Felt a little sore all over by the end. Glad to bank 36km.

36km in 2:45 at 4:45 min/km average pace.

The brunch was so good afterwords. That's not just the hunger talking. 

I almost ordered a 2nd main in the Brown Rice Pumpkin Congee. Superb.

Good close to a big week. Just shy of 140km all up. Next week will be largely easy, low mileage. 

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  1. Whilst I admit I had an amazing egg and bacon bap once at Pinbone, Vic and I just found it too jam packed and noisy. Had to leave our elbows at the door. Shame it's not open midweek when it might be quieter. Have you tried it for dinner?

    1. The key is to sit down before 9am on a Sunday. Dinner looks a lot more $$ but I'd be curious. Brunch is the go for Pinbone though.