About Life, Rozelle (20 June 2015)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

My biggest fear with wholefood cafes is over-priced leaf munching culminating in an angry drive home and a make-shift second course of scrambled eggs.

Pleased to report, About Life is a reliable hit-out for value-focused flexitarians. Google 'superfood' or 'juice cleanse' and you'll find every element in this cafe/grocer institution. 

The Cammeray branch was 6/10 - eye-bleeding smoothie prices and egg staples disguised by silly names. Turns out this was a dish selection issue and Rozelle has a deep-value buffet set-up.

Some berry-based expensive mini smoothie costing $6
Round 1 is scrambled eggs, quinoa and pesto. Aptly named Egg Nourishment.

Egg Nourishment - quinoa scrambled with egg, pesto and kale - $15.50
The quinoa egg ratio impresses me. Think of a pesto risotto, slightly lighter with egg almost understated. In the same way roast pork needs crackling, walnuts delivers the crunch.

Homely, tasty and pleasingly not seen in my cafe adventures to date. Compared to say parmesan scrambled eggs, healthier, just as yummy but more expensive. 8/10. 

Round 2 - special hotcakes drenched in coconut and chocolate.   

Banana and sweet potato hotcakes with cacoa butter, coconut yogurt and walnuts - $14.90
These sweet potato hotcakes are so fluffy, falling apart immediately upon being stabbed. An avalanche of cream in coconut and cacao hit me with such intensity. My taste buds struggle for a cleanser. My advice is act quickly ... the cakes rapidly become soggy.

A healthy, creamy injection of sweetness. Confused by $14.90 price because today, you can't even buy a Freddo Frog with 10c

Final round was the buffet section...

I compress 10 gourmet salads weighting 1.5kg into a 25x13x8cm one-piece box. My greatest 2015 triumph is successfully closing the lid and paying just $15 without a smirk.

The key is to choose high density salads. Avoid the leafy ones. The zucchini lasagne could double as housing foundation. Profound value!

The bulging lid flipped open on its own, as if to say 'eat me'.

Realised all too late I had no more stomach real estate. Thus I rolled out the door and enjoyed this 3 hours later. Look at all that colour. 

Score summary:

- Food - 8/10 - tasty, healthy and staggering variety. 
- Value - 9/10 - mid-range pricing. Buffet encourages irrational behaviour. 
- Other - 7/10 - no service, in-your-face healthy but hey, I don't care. 
- Overall - 8.5/10 - conceivably a brunch staple that delivers a heart and wallet friendly experience. 

Note my score is influenced by my veg-focused dietary biases. Chorizo-accustomed palates will struggle here.

Will I be returning?

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