HuRTS 4x2km

Thursday, July 16, 2015

4x2km reps at Hickson Road, a tried and tested session. Tough ask backing up after Heartbreak Hill (yesterday). Course change to note was start at Hyatt, 1km out then 1km back with 90s rest. Rinse and repeat (4 reps).

Horrid weather is never enough to deter the Thursday crowd nowadays.

Still too early to do the full set. Rep #1 and #2 were largely a warm-up. Ran with Brendan at the back for each, who in turn is training on a cracked rib!

Front guys led by Barts stayed on a faster cycle. Rep #3 came around (no break for me) and I attached onto Tom/JFen for #3 and #4 as they set out.

The pace pick-up from 4:15s to 3:30s was a rude awakening to my quads. Certainly I felt quad and lung fatigue by the end. The good type of fatigue.

Pacing splits over each 2k was:

Rep #1 – 4:35s
Rep #2 - 4:20s
Rep #3 – 3:25s
Rep #4 – 3:20s (felt easier than #3)

Overall a good early test-out. Intention is to ease back into the quality and allow the legs to slowly recover.

Grabbed Lambert for an easy 2.5km warm-down around Opera House.

11km all up.

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