Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The challenge was laid out in email form from Timmy L - 5km to the base of Heartbreak Hill, a 2km surge then 5km return.

Caught in two minds here. C2S just 4 weeks away and no hill training vs 10 days after a marathon. Legs feel OK so I joined Tom, Timmy, Jerome, Mike G, JW and Crossy starting at Macquarie Street. A good crowd.

With three bloggers in attendance, there is bound to be some ugly banter. I stand by my view ... food is more exciting than reading a training log.

Anyway, the first 6km to the base was easy. Tim bolted earlier, I followed and surged the 1.5km ascent at 3:50 min/pace, putting my heart rate and quads to test. Got to Kincoppal-Rose Bay before turning. Aside from Tim/Jerome, the others kept it easy. It was all over soon and there were few signs of fatigue. A good sign.

Joined Jerome and Crossy on the return back to the city. Pace eased back to 5 min/km. I counted 6x where we almost became roadkill.

17km all up in 83 min - 4:50s average pace.

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