Rushcutters Recovery

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Perhaps its the DOMS slowing my recovery but the legs feel no better than Monday. I'm keeping the recovery runs to 9km.

Jogged to CQ to meet BW before we set out around Farm Cove and down past Harry's then Garden Island. The plan was for some easy laps of Rushcutters Oval and we found a good 20-strong HuRTS crew well into the 6x1km intervals. Good to see Timmy, heart-on-sleeve leading the charge.

Joined in the festivities barefoot and caught up with Enda and Andy; both taking it easy. Embarrassed to get some pats on the back for my Sunday effort! Jogged back with Charlie, BW, Enda and Andy. Seems my left knee feels a little sore.

9km all up in 55 min.

Also got home, opened the mail to a nice reminder the C2S is 4 weeks away.

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