Bowery Lane, Sydney CBD (17 July 2015) - Revisit

Friday, July 17, 2015

Bowery Lane is one of few safe havens where a pork-for-breakfast fiend can rejoice. It has been my top CBD pick (8/10).

I'm here motivated by a newfound disregard for heart-health plus an upgraded winter menu. These guys serve a seriously mean chai tea. Soy milk on the side ... you must.

My counterpart (MC) and I converge the Cuban omelette. Two blokes can't share a Cuban, cigar or food. A double order is made each with two sides.

Cuban Omelette - pulled pork, pineapple salsa with roasted mushrooms and smashed avo - $18 + $8
Serving sizes implies RIP to five baby chickens and a hunk of a very fat pig's leg. This is good.

I grapple with the supreme promise of succulent pulled pork versus the $18 price tag (for an omelette).

Hope is short lived - two bites and the heart flat-lines. My mouth fails to detect signs of life. The biggest disappointment is cubes of non-caramelised fat. No texture, no bite, no excitement.

Cuban Omelette - pulled pork, 
I am rescued by the smashed avo and juicy mushrooms. Expensive lifeboats but safe places to hide in times of need. As I write this, I don't recall even tasting the garnish. 

$26 for a mild omelette. Given this is a 'work' expense, I trust the ATO agrees the disappointment is tax deductible. 

A BL downgrade is in order. 7/10. No longer a must visit. 

Today's lesson?
Pulled pork is no match for bacon. Don't buy into the promise and stick to the Scout's breakfast, shown below. 

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