Double - Bowery then Centennial Park

Friday, July 31, 2015

Day kicked off with a high-intensity session at Bowery Lane, my go-to CBD cafe. A dose of perfectly poached eggs, avo and salmon plus picked kale left me in a good place. So good my chances of a lunch run were in serious doubt.

My order was the Tuscan Eggs - beetroot makes this special. Good move adding the extras... the dish price blew out. Terrible value but 8/10 taste because I rarely eat beetroot at breakfast.

Upper East Side - salmon, avo on eggs upgraded by a radish mascapone. Too fancy for me. Better off with the basics. 7/10.

Waddled away with limited expectations of a lunch run.

But then Conway calls and drags me out to Centennial Park in cracking weather. Took a few kms to loosen up. Glad I did. Legs finished up in a fresher state than yesterday. Achilles pain is gone.

Turned into a mini MLR at 15km at 5:15 min/km.

Looking forward to Striders tomorrow. I'll be the 45 min pacer.

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  1. Haha, love it! That first photo looks gold! Don't worry about the price blowout - looks totally worth it (unless our talking Heston-style Fat Duck cost)!