Rushcutters 6x800m

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rushcutters on Thursdays continues to amass a huge following. Maybe 35 blokes, a sole girl in Greta showing up. I no longer recognise half the faces. Full set was 8x800m on 4 min cycles, presumably between 5k and 10k pace. Upfront was Tom, Crossy and even the Frenchman Jerome.  

Still cautious over my fragile legs (and state of mind), I completed 6, broadly staying amongst Gus, Tim and JFen today. 
Pacing started at 3:40s for #1, then 3:30s for #2 and #3, before easing into 3:20s for #4-6 as my legs loosened up. These were done barefoot. Foolish idea as my archilles has pulled up a little sore.

With the warm-up and warm-down, 12km all up in 58 min. Slow plod back to the office. 

Easy one tomorrow, then on 45 min pacing duties for Striders Lane Cove on Saturday. 

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