Waterlogged Rushcutters Pyramid

Thursday, January 07, 2016

How fun does a pyramid set on a waterlogged Rushcutters Park sound? Tricky 400m, 800m, 1k then the same in reverse with 60s rest.

Kicked the day off with 7km recovery run to work. Annoyed at the flatness in my legs thus putting a 30% chance to do the lunch set. Then comes some HuRTS email traffic suggesting a good turnout was in order. The inspiration I needed.

Met Renee as we headed east to the Oval clocking up 3km. A 100kg groundsman was unimpressed with Timmy's carefully positioned cones (400m). Plan B on the neighbouring field with a scrappy, 450m circuit marked out dodging pram walkers and soccer players.

Good turnout maybe 15-20. Cabin fever?

Expected little and got even less back from my legs. 400m a sticker shock and some 10m off the front  to start (Scott, DT, JFen). 800m mild improvement, then up front on the 1km.

Worked to a consistent perceived effort on the back half. Turns out my pacing was unchanged regardless of distance. Noticed on the last 400m the short-distance specialists destroyed me.

Thanks to JFen for giving me the 400, 800, 1k splits:

1H; 2:58, 3:05, 3:05
2H: 2:58, 3:07, 3:05

Looking at this, it's pretty clear how bad my fast-twitch / anaerobic fitness is. As tired after 400m at 3:00s as 1km at 3:05s. Very strange.

Cool-down of 5km with DT, Ray, Scott and JFen out to the Peninsula Point and back to CBD. Stairs via PP felt as bad as the set itself.

Faster guys looked strong today and also good to see the likes of Timmy, Jeet, PW gearing up for a solid first half of racing. Even Champ appeared for the final 400m with a broken rib.

20km for the day. 

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