Mid-Week Wharves

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Niche group for the mid-week recovery that included Lambert, Yum Cha, Pete W, Champ and Christian. First 5km I was encumbered by 3 rounds with a 11:30am cheesebake of the ricotta variety. Not a good decision. Eventually, I came good and contented myself with 4:30s down to Barangaroo then back to CQ. Only Lambert was left by the end. 

11.5km in 58 min. Of course, I'm still tired from yesterday. 

Added a cheeky 4km in the PM from Pyrmont to Rozelle where I crossed paths and ran alongside with a runner I greatly admire - Jono O'L. Absolute demon on the trails and hills. Seems he's setting himself up for a big 2016. 

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