Saturday Bay Run with 16x100m strides

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Slightly unsure what I'm suppose to do on Saturdays? Speed, base, recovery or nothing. I just wing it.
Feeling fresh again after an easy Wed-Fri and wanted this to continue. Enslaved Molly for some company and found a patch of grass down the canal offshoot West side of the Bay Run.

Target 10x100m but then completed 17x. Efforts ranged from 70-90% where 90% means 2:50 pace. Good to get some rare pace in the legs albeit brief. Eventually, I cut back CW circling the Bay Run to complete an easy 15km.

Bought 3kg of potatoes at the Lilyfield markets and suffered trying to drag this another 500m home. Poor purchase decision clouded by $2.99/kg pricing. On the way back, I realised this is the extra weight I'm probably carrying vs 2015. Not optimistic on any PBs soon.

15km all up in 84 min.

Freshness wise, I feel 7/10 where 1 is injured, 5 is end of a solid week and 10 is perfectly tapered.

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