Run from the Bar

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

A band of misfits for today's lunch recovery run. The weather was shocking so the just the bravest were keen. Ireland's J'OC proposed Martin Place Bar as the start point, leaving me a little concerned whether booze or running was the go. Also with us was Yum Cha Wong back to Japan, broken-ribs Champ, soon to be NOTB-based Gleeso.

Nice an easy pace in the pouring rain around The Domain, Farm Cove and down around Hickson Wharves. Shared my rookie 6FT experience with J'OC, after she confessed signing up with little intention to train. No point sugar coating it for her ... "After 5km, your quads will be broken... then you need to drag your corpse for 5 more hours up a hill". 

Went via Barangaroo and cut it short back into the city. 9km all up at 5 min/km. Add to this the fact that I'm still jogging to and from work (2x5.5km) - blame the rain. Thus, legs are not properly rested. Will need a few more days of low stress.

An aside, looks like Tom and I grace the latest FB promo shot for the SMH Half Marathon.

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