Sweltering Redleaf

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Redleaf Pool is just magic in 38 degrees. Company included Conway, Lambert, Renee, Jono, Champ, Liam all having a similar distaste for the 8x800s at Rushcutters. The fine print ... hill, stairs and more stairs.

Circled Garden Island, passed the team starting the 800s then proceeded up the nasty Loftus climb. Pushed this hill which was as high as my HR got for the day. After 5km, did a double Redleaf lap taking 12 min largely dodging crowds of school kids.

Not sure why but swimming causes my legs to fall asleep. Embarrassingly found myself walking the multitude of stairs on the return. Begged for a piggy back at the Art Gallery to which Renee and Lambert politely declined.

10km all up.

Throw in 10km of commuting, makes 20km. To be honest, not sure if my jog constitutes mileage. I've been asked how to sustain a high base without injury. Answer is below (>50% of my kms).

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