SMC Smithfield Half Marathon - Course PB in 74:14

Sunday, January 17, 2016

What works for me is a low key 21.1km tacked onto a fairly heavy week. Thus, I planned a hit-out at the SMC pitted against local hero Tim Molesworth and regulars Rob C and Yum Cha Wong. Turned into a nice little expedition helped by the two girls being on cheer squad duties. Breakfast bribery always helps.

Lead bike is the rabbit to chase because I know Tim will run a hard 2km, then battle for another 19km. Predictably, 3:40s for 2km then I drop him on the first hill quite easily. Next 5km is all about finding rhythm on the flats. I drop the pace to 3:35s hoping to consolidate the lead.

Cruise mode continues to the 5km turnaround (17:50) then the same heading back to the start. 35 min at 10km which is a good 30s faster than my 75-flat in September. Per the shot below, well in control ahead of lap 2.

Three hi-fives shared with Tim (300m back holding on), then Rob (say 500 behind Tim) and finally Yum Cha Wong in his usual upright, stiff running style. 

Breathing more rattled on the next climb. Next 5km of flat has me purely focused on high cadence. Now sitting at low 3:30s, my poor maths skills suggest a sub-75 is in order. Hurt gauge picks up as the kms tick over and it's pretty clear 21.1km is my limit at this pace.

Descent at 17km causes the hammy to tighten. Back towards the start-line (20km) where the 70:14 which means I've slowed 14s. I'm at my pain threshold for a club run with 1.1km to go. No surging nor sprinting just for the sake of 10s. Back into the finish where I'm focused on the little blob left side of the timer (reading 74 min). Trinity is fast asleep. 

74:14 at 3:31 min/km. 

Not content with 21km for my LR. 6km cool-down heading back out where I pick up Brendan on his way back. All up, 27km for the day.

As mentioned, a nicely paced training run: 

0-10km: 35:00 at 3:30s
10-20km: 35:14 at 3:31s
20-21.1km: 4:00 at 3:30s

Better than my 75:12 in June and 74:59 in October. Perceived effort similar but off fresher legs. Main takeaway is I'm well off GC-15 type fitness.

Solid effort from Rob at 85 min and Yum Cha who boasted via text a negative split 100 min half. What I didn't ask is if his lap 1 involved walking.  

Naturally, I always come good on a breakfast promise and Lorie, Trinity, Rob and Antia were fitness. Du Liban in Marrickville. Safe mbet for tasty $12 baked eggs.  

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