2016 Goals during R&R

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Intention is to start 2016 both fresh and hungry so I've penciled in a few days of R&R. At best, 6-8km here and there.

Monday - session involved a walk to Rebel Sport looking for discounted running shorts. Not successful. 6km jog home because I didn't want to die on my bike.

Tuesday - the devil's temptation was to join a small dedicated bunch for some 8x5min intervals starting from the Stone Pillars. Linked up with Lambert from CQ and around Farm Cove before the start. Tiny turnout - Jeet running the show. Post a casual chat to a select few, I jogged the reverse to complete a 8km recovery.

First take at 2016 Goals are basically to improve on 2015:

- 10km - sub 32:30
- C2S - sub 48
- half - sub 72
- marathon - sub 2:30

Soft, non-timed based goals:

- run int'l marathon (maybe London)
- ad-hoc off-road race or two (not 6FT)
- maintain 100km weeks uninjured

Aside from that, see Trinity grow up whilst enjoying running!

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