Monday Recovery

Monday, January 11, 2016

Back to the standard Monday recovery. The heat almost caused me to consider a 2km exit plan (aka ABC swim). Almost. However, the squad was big within which there was some decent personality.

4:20s pace had me desperate for some slow company. Luckily, J'OC and Birchy turned up which was my ride around the Wharves. Solo from here catching the bunch by the turnaround at Barangaroo. Linked up, then like a bad egg once again I was spat out the back alongside Tom and Erika. These two NOTB veterans were happy to plod at 4:30s given a forthcoming tempo tomorrow AM.

The whole run I noted tightness in the lower calves. Not too fussed here as Sunday was indeed, tough. 12.5km all up in 60 min.

Tomorrow, either a 6:30am Centennial set or 45 progressive tempo. The forecast is hot hot hot.

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