Gladesville Rhodes Loop

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Whoops. Big fumble taking the dog on an exploratory run over the Gladesville Bridge. I've toyed with the idea of the giant loop around Iron Cove - Gladesville - Ryde - Rhodes - Leichardt. 2km into the run I decided to venture across Gladesville Bridge and down Victoria Road. Distances were way off and the 4:40s pace was too much for Molly.

Come Concord (post 22km), she was battling to hold 4:50s. I considered picking her up like a football but luckily she hung in there. Easily her longest run to date.

30km in 2:23 at 4:45 min/km.

Long run done. The legs felt so slow 0-10km, but quickly warmed up thereafter.

Left Molly a bucket of water and gave her a treat. She's fine. Wife is still not happy.

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